Diva Rocker Glam: The 8th Wonder of the World

Beverly Hills Times

You’ve seen the furniture in magazines, movies and on TV; from reality shows about the rich and famous to sexy music videos and exotic locations worldwide. But not until you take a step into its glitzy showroom on Sunset Plaza, in West Hollywood does it hit you…this is the most fabulous furniture store on earth. Goodies inside Diva Rocker Glam are more than just highend— Diva Rocker Glam furniture offers a fantasy of what we want our lives to be: Glamorous. Out of the ordinary. Sexy.

Opened in 2009, Diva Rocker Glam’s stylish and elegant pieces outfit mansions, beach houses and bungalows of headliners and legends worldwide. The likes of Steven Tyler, Cee Lo Green, Melanie Griffith, Matt Sorum, Ace Harper, and a leg long list of other VIPS who buy under the radar have been seen entering the showroom. Well-known realtors use Diva Rocker Glam furnishings to stage multi-million dollar properties from Malibu to the Hollywood Hills, and beyond. For this year’s Emmys in September, Diva Rocker Glam designs were featured at the star-studded Bella Fortuna Gifting Suite, hosted by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills celebs; plus Kim & Kyle Kardashian, Nancy O’ Dell, Denise Richards, Mel B, Paris & Cathy Hilton, Brooke Burke, Taraji P. Henson and Sofia Vergara were also there. Diva Rocker Glam goodies have appeared on the Jay Leno Show, Dancing with the Stars, Kardashians, alongside Paris Hilton…possibilities are endless. And there is something for everyone on every budget. Maybe your VISA won’t say “YES” to imported leather, gold la’me, diamond tucked bejeweled ottoman. So get an exact faux leather duplicate for hundreds less.

Custom accessories are glistening chandeliers in the moodiest of colors, flamboyant mirrors begging for a wall on which to hang and who can miss a collection of hand embellished, original acrylic on wood paintings (also on canvas) highlighted everywhere signed by celebrated LA artist Anja, whose distinctive European sense of high fashion art explodes with charisma. Everywhere you look: chairs, couches, chaises, ottomans, sofas, settees, love seats and beds; fit for a king, queen, rock star and YOU. This furniture belongs in your home, office, hide-a-way love nest; anywhere you live!! When you pause from the Disneyland of home furnishing before you; next question. Who is the brains behind this operation? Her name is Cindy Rocker and for 20 years, she entrepreneured her way to the top. From salesgirl at Fred Segal when she first arrived in LA from Miami and didn’t have a clue how to make a living. Then for years, selling wholesale furniture out of her house in the Valley and delivering it in her car with a housekeeper. And a year ago destiny stepped in with a well-deserved move to a Sunset Plaza storefront showroom. Exactly where this superstar belongs. Cindy is smart, beautiful, and on fire with bedazzling charm. To outsiders it might seem Cindy is the luckiest girl on earth to have an amazing gig as owner of the coolest store in LA. Look closer; LUCK has little to do with it.
This is about the journey of a hardworking woman who stayed committed and found the strength to keep going in the face of extreme and tragic family health struggles. It’s about a woman who jumped every hurdle thrown her way on the road to success, and did it as a single mom of two. Her story isn’t unlike that of other single women/moms who find their only true BFF on the way up is determination not to give up. What’s in Cindy’s forecast? On the drawing board are new designs for the Home Shopping Channel and an affordable line specially designed for Costco. Not bad for a girl from Georgia who grew up on a ranch riding horses for fun…a perfect Hollywood match!


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